2011 – A Second Carry-On and Nine Other Nifty Travel Items

Here are 10 suggestions for the the savvy traveler. .


1. I recently discovered a clever way to get a second carry-on aboard when you fly. How? By wearing the Magellan Travel Vest. It features five exterior pockets and three interior ones. I load it up with everything needed during the flight including snacks, a paperback, pens, notepad and a camera. It’s TSA-proof and has become a favorite, because it’s stylish as well as functional.


2. Have you ever lost a cap in the wind when you are on a boat or in a convertible? You won’t have to worry with the “hat-leash,” which has a powerful alligator clip and lead that attach your cap to your collar. It’s simple and works; no more “fly-away” headgear.

3. Another gift suggestion from Magellan’s is a pair of travel slippers for in-flight or hotel use. They are comfortable, lightweight and fold into their own small mesh bag.

4. I’ve had a Tilley Hat for several years and see why they have a cult-like following. Don’t tell her, but my wife will have one soon (model LT6b). It is stain repellent, packs easily, retains it shape and is very durable; it’s a classic.


5. Princeton Tec’s Amp 3 handheld flashlight features four powerful, ultrabright LEDs which provide superior lighting for camping, around the house, evening walks, while traveling and during emergencies. Their Remix is a lightweight headlamp that features a simple design for close-range or distance, with a single Maxbright LED and three ultrabright LEDs. It is versatile, compact and water resistant.
6. Balanzza’s ergonomic Mini Luggage Scale from Magellan’s is a digital device which allows you to check if your suitcase is overweight; if so, you can repack and avoid airline fees.

7. My final gizmo recommendation is the pocket-sized Powermonkey, also from Magellan. It holds a charge for up to a year, comes with various adaptors and provides emergency power to portable electronics, e.g., iPods, most cell-phones, digital cameras, etc. Its travel pouch makes it easy to store.


Fun Stuff

8. High quality and unusual kites of all shapes, sizes and colors can be found at Kite Flite, a shop in San Diego’s Seaport Village. My suggestion is the unique Stowaway Diamond. It folds into a convenient, foot-long sleeve and fits into a backpack, briefcase or carry-on.


9. The venerable Entertainment Book has a new feature this season. Along with your hometown edition, chock full of coupons for restaurants, sightseeing, attractions, hotels and travel, you can buy a one-month membership which provides discounts in cities nationwide for only $4.95 or $30 for the year. Quite a deal.

10. My last suggestion allows you to put everything mentioned above into a new product, the AirBak Focus Tech backpack. Its patented support system shifts the majority of weight off the upper back/shoulders onto the hips, waist and lower back while resting on a built-in air cushion. It is comfortable to carry, well designed and has lots of interior nooks and crannies for storage.
Website Information

Magellan’s tagline, “Your Trusted Source of Travel Supplies,” is an indication of their commitment to their customers. For news, email offers and their online catalog go to www.magellans.com or call 1-800-962-4943. They have a retail store in Santa Monica and a new location in Santa Barbara.

Tilley Hats and their clothing line of “Endurables” can be found at www.tilley.com. Logon and sign up for specials, updates and announcements. Or, call 1-800-363-8737 for their catalog. Note: they have outstanding guarantees on all of their Tilley products.

Hat-Leash proclaims “for the active hat wearer, don’t lose your hat again! “ To see how it works, go to www.hatleash.com.
Princeton Tec has been developing lighting technologies for more than three decades. Their outdoor, scuba, industrial, tactical and bike products can be found at www.princetontec.com.

KiteFlite, www.kiteflitesd.com, will ship to anywhere in the country. Call 1-877-234-8229 to talk to their experts.

Entertainment Book information can be found at www.entertainment.com. For the monthly “option,” go to their alternate website, www.eol.entertainment.com.

AirBak’s products can be found at www.airbak.com. They carry backpacks and other all-purpose bag-related merchandise designed uniquely for runners, hikers, gym-goers, techies, photographers, kids, teens and adults.

Have fun shopping…

Howard Hian

Thanks to the various websites for information and photos. Before you shop online please check details and prices.

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