Revenue Management: A Brief History of Why You Pay What You Do

Before I became a full-time travel writer, I was in the hotel business. At that time, in the early 1970s in San Diego, revenue management wasn’t even a phrase, much less a concept or coveted position in an organizational chart. In its primitive state, it was a loose practice. In summer how we loved the[…]

My Favorite Hotels, Resorts and Transportation Tips

California Santa Barbara – Chic, sleek and cool, the Canary,, is centrally located off State Street. Consider a long weekend, since there’s always something going on in town. Rooftop Pool at the Canary Hotel Temecula – Classy and elegant, the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa,, features private villas and an award-winning vineyard.[…]

2008 – A Cocoon of Comfort

The destination is usually the best part of travel; the journey, however, can be frustrating, inconvenient and uncomfortable. Being prepared can ease the challenge, so here are some suggestions. My favorite domestic airline is Southwest. OK, I can imagine some groans but let me present my case. Southwest usually features the lowest rates on the[…]