Savannah Quickly

Arriving a day or two early for a cruise is a savvy traveler’s move.  There are too many weather and airline challenges these days, plus there’s a chance to acclimate to time zone changes and do some sightseeing. Sailing from Savannah is a good example.  There’s lots to discover including historic districts, neighborhood squares, parks, and a vibrant food scene. 

An efficient way to learn the lay of the land is the the hop on/hop off Old Town Trolley,  Well-versed drivers add colorful commentary, both rumored and historically correct, to the ride.  For shopping, restaurants, bars, etc., explore Broughton Street, River Street, and City Market.  The American Prohibition Museum, in City Market, is interesting, fun and worth a visit.

Savannah is an epicurean’s playground from dives to upscale restaurants.  For me, its amazing food scene can be summed up like this: fried green tomatoes (brought to the South by Jewish immigrants in the 19th century), great BBQ, shrimp and grits, fried chicken, and world-class biscuits.  

Hint: A couple of days wasn’t enough.  If/when you go, plan to stay longer.

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Let’s go….

Howard Hian

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