Hay Is For Horses

When I was growing up, my Mom would correct me whenever I said, “Hey.”  Her retort was, “Hay is for horses.”  Hey and hay are homophones; they sound alike but are spelled differently and have unrelated meanings.

When I learned that the Greenhorn Ranch had 55 horses, hay came to mind.  We’ve all seen bales of it and perhaps taken hayrides (maybe not – see below), so I did a little digging. 

The first thing I learned is that hay and straw are not the same.  Hay is a crop grown and harvested specifically for horses and other farm animals. Straw is a grain byproduct and I suspect that was in the wagon on my “hayrides.”

Horses weigh between 1,000 – 2,000 pounds and usually consume hay at the rate of 2% of their body weight daily.  For the Greenhorn Ranch that means maintaining a big supply on hand to keep the horses well-fed and happy.

So, as always, my Mom was right, “Hay is for Horses.”

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