Sandals — Greatest Escapes

From the Practical Traveler’s viewpoint, in season is out! Why not take advantage of the same weather, accommodations and activities but wait until the shoulder season? Savings can range from 25% to 100% just by being flexible with your schedule. Pick your dates and then shop for Internet specials. They abound! Travel mid week to[…]

A Very Brief History of Portugal and Lisbon

What a rich history this country has! The Iberian Peninsula was first explored by the Phoenicians before the birth of Christ. Next came the Romans, the Greeks, Barbarians, Arabs (Moors) and the Crusaders. In the 10th century, the first Portugese King, Afonso Henriques, declared the independence of what we now call Portugal. In the 14th[…]

Amsterdam and Budapest: A Quick Guide by Howard Hian

The historic rivers of Europe, starting with the Rhine in the north and ending with the Danube in the south, form centuries-old trade routes connecting many great cities. Two of my favorites, Amsterdam and Budapest, are joined by these waterways. Both have their own unique history, culture and great art but are inexorably linked, even[…]

River Time

Sometimes timing is a factor in a successful trip. In our case, with four days of walking, shopping, fabulous meals and late nights in New Orleans, it was perfect to end our vacation with a relaxing and regenerating barge trip up the Mississippi on “river time.” “River time” is what happens on the Mississippi as[…]

Las Vegas Civilized

*WRITER’S NOTE: THE LAS VEGAS REGENT HAS SUBSEQUENTLY CLOSED AND IS NOW A MARRIOTT RESORT. During the past year, major casino hotels and mega resorts including Mandalay Bay, the Four Seasons, the Venetian, and Paris have opened in Las Vegas. There are over 121,000 rooms there, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.[…]